13 Free Resources You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Tired of the C and Q words? Ya, me too. I’d honestly be fine if I never heard the term ‘social distancing’ ever again. There is a LOT going on out there, but for me, this is a time to look inward. This is one of those moments in life that can either be wasted or used to grow. It’s all too easy to sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix….but you could be doing so much more! ( Like watching live Panda cams )

In the spirit of helping others, tons of companies and schools are offering free content to help everyone stay sane. The inner nerd in me wanted a list of said resources all in one place so I could soak EVERY little bit in. That means YOU get to take advantage of my OCD tendencies. (I love being a blogger.) I have scoured the interwebs and put together a list of the best offers you should be taking advantage of.

Ready for some kick-ass content to help you up-level your lifestyle? I thought so. Let’s dive in.

Creative Live is one of those sites that I have bookmarked on every device. It’s a great resource to learn tons of creative skills and stay inspired. Due to the state of the world, they are now offering free health and fitness classes. I’ve watched a ton of classes on this site and I can assure you they are well worth the time.

I’m obsessed with Eckhart Tolle. He is the best selling and most popular spiritual author in the U.S. Haven’t heard of him? Now’s your chance to get to know him. Eckhart will guide you through meditation with his soothing voice and calming nature. We could all use a little zen in our lives.

I’ve enrolled in this class myself and I am so excited to start! This girl is taking a Yale class….eeek! Love it. Coursa themselves, on their blog, have a whole host of other free classes they are offering as well. Go ham my friends!

This is like the digital version of Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you’re like me and need more positivity in your life, they need to be in your feed like yesterday.

Feeling stuck but your inner dreamer is dying to travel? Supplement your angst temporarily by taking a digital tour of the Louvre. This may just be my perfect excuse to sip on a glass of wine. Cheers!

Watch fishies? Um yes please! This link will take you to live cams set up at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where you can watch some of their animals from your bedroom. There’s some soothing music to boot, this one guys is one of my favs. Tip: you can bookmark it on your Internet app on the Firestick and then tell Alexa to pull of Monterey Bay bookmark next time you are stressed.

Stream some class into your life. The Berlin Philharmonic Symphony isn’t able to perform in front of crowds, but they are showing up anyway. Log into their site and stream private performances right into your living room. Sign up is open until March 31st, you won’t want to miss this one. God bless musicians.

Tip: take some time to re-vamp your office space. Get rid of old papers that don’t serve you anymore. Declutter your area so that when you sit down, you are free to focus on creating. Try adding stickie notes with motivational quotes to keep you going.

The Met: Nightly Met Opera

If Opera is your jam, this is a wonderful resource. Download the Met Opera On Demand on any device to start watching. You don’t even have to log in (thank you Met!). Just click “Preview and Browse” to access HOURS of heartfelt performances.
(Go to the app store on any device to download)

If you are a student and have some downtime, nows the time to learn that language you’ve always wanted. OR if you are already taking a language, Rosetta Stone can help you hone in on your skills. French anyone?

Melyssa is a huge motivator for me. She’s adorable, straight to the point and super informative. She is currently offering a 100% free webinar series to help creative entrepreneurs stay focused and produce engaging results. She will help you take advantage of this time from home to leverage your creative business.

Book nerds rejoice! There are tons of options for you to get your literary fix. Amazon is offering tons of free ebooks (I even saw Harry Potter on there) and 2 months free of Kindle unlimited. Check out the link to browse all the free books.

I was stoked when I found this resource. There are TONS of live streams with animals ranging from bald eagles to penguins. Currently watching: Nikita the Lioness. I’ll never get any work done with this site. This would be so much fun for kids too.

DownDog App is offering tons of yoga classes free until May. I just downloaded the app and I am looking forward to stretching my stress away. What I love is that it has a pace setting. Major pet peeve: trying to follow a beginning yoga class and they move so fast I eventually give up. It also has a history to help you keep track of when you complete your Daily 15 mins. It also connects to Apple Health app.

TIP: Start a photography challenge where you only shoot inside the house or what’s in your immediate yard. You’d be surprised what you can overlook. There is beauty everywhere.

I sure hope my need to organize information and have a one stop shop for the best resources benefits you. In my book, there is always a silver lining. I want to encourage you to use this time to build healthier habits and to feed the mind. I know life is strange but I am very much looking forward to keeping my ass at home and using it to add depth to my personality by learning new things.

I am now taking a course from Yale, a photography class from MOMA, have started my yoga journey and am learning French. I feel more interesting already! My goal for you is to THRIVE at this time not just survive. Always happy to help you in any way I can.

Tell me, which resource are you most excited about? Will you be taking any classes, if so which one(s)? I’d love to hear if any of these bring you comfort. Safe to say I’m obsessed with all of them.

Rester en sécurité. (Stay safe)

xoxoxox – Drea

P.S. If you’re looking to invest in the personal development department, check out my blog post on how blogging has helped me grow.

What will you succeed at during this strange time?

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