“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”— Buddha

Hihi - I'm Drea King. Like you, I am not defined so easily. We are all a work in progress and are often changing; however, there are things that seem to remain constant. Like my passions for expressionism, photography, and for stories. I have a DEEP love of stories. There is a story in everything - in a recipe, a book, in the way we communicate with each other, in a photograph, a simple look, a kiss or even a song. Stories are at the root of who I am and also what moves me the most in this life. My camera is my favorite way to tell visual stories but I often write on my blog as well. Stories are what connect us, what can bond us to each other. They help us grow, see differently and FEEL.

I believe the most important work we do in this life, is the work we do on ourselves. Healing and growth are the legacies I want to leave behind.
Heal yourself, heal the world. 

Simply put, I'm here to find you. To connect with you, to serve you. To grow with you and to cultivate a life of slowness and intention, together. To share stories. To FEEL and create art together. 


Late mornings, Hans Zimmer, Spotify, scalding hot showers,  anything witchy and jogger pants

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For a long time I've felt like I was in this in-between.: a place between my dreams and my reality. I don't know what I was waiting for but I am SO excited to start bridging that gap. I'm loving getting to know myself and redefining what I want for my life. I'm loving embracing a life of creativity, intention and curiosity. My favorite part is meeting YOU, connecting with you and learning together. 




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I have a deep love of learning. In this season of change, I am learning a lot that I will be sharing with you along the way. What excites me most is learning about you so that I can help you find your visual style. I believe in self expression. Personally, I am learning to embrace a gentler inner dialogue. To be kinder to myself and to not let overthinking get to me. (Learning folks, still leaps and bounds away but it's a goal) I'm always looking for ways to learn about home cooking, gardening, photography, and personal mastery.

I'm not about surface level conversation, 1 ply toilet paper, early mornings and investing in one sided relationships. I don't do 'fake' and I believe that highly sensitive people are tragically misunderstood. I want to be an advocate for the emotional, a support system for growth and creativity. Anything less that that is not my jam. "If it doesn't bring you income, inspirations or orgasms, It doesn't belong in your life." - Good motto.  (laugh a little) 

let's work together

the future
is visual

 Ditch the free stock photos that don't fit your vibe and come work with me. Armed with my camera and an authentic visual voice, together we can create a portfolio of images that are bold, moody and unique to you. 



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