The Critical Role of Blogging for Personal Growth

I dare say that blogging makes you a better person. If you are one of those people that thinks that blogging is a self serving venture, I’d have to agree with you. Well, I used to agree with you. No judgement here. But if I may, I’d like to outline why I believe it is the exact opposite of what I had originally thought and maybe just maybe, help you see a new point of view.

The main reason I believe it is integral for personal growth is that it allows you to serve others. With every blog post I write, I am thoughtful of how it will help you. I want my content to make an impact in your life, to either save you time or to make your life a little more adventurous. I share stories about my life, yes, but only when I think it benefits the reader. What I thought was once a one way street, I can now see is a two way street. One of relating to each other in hopes of building a genuine connection. Call me crazy, but blogging for me is a way to spread love. And isn’t that exactly what the world needs right now?

Blogging has allowed me to actually slow down in life believe it or not. It forces me to record memories, jot down the recipes that my family loves and reflect on the moments that would otherwise have slipped away.

And for the record, blogging takes courage! I can attest to this. It is 100% outside of my comfort zone, but look at me go! It builds confidence and a reassurance of one’s self…..that is the great foundation to personal growth. Doing small things that build confidence so you can walk through this life stronger.

There is also something to be said about personal accountability. Having announced and shared my intentions with this site, I now have to show up. I don’t mean that to sound like a bad thing, in fact, it is a wonderful thing! It has given me a purpose, and on the days when I can barely drag myself out of bed, it has provided me with a reason to sit at my desk. (Just don’t ask me to shower, you’re pushing it.)

All in all, my idea of the ‘big bad scary blog’ adventure has actually only benefited me and my life. I feel more awake and I just know nothing but good can come from it. I truly believe our journey to become more inspired and connected to the world around us begins with cultivating self compassion and staying true to yourself. Personal growth is a major part of my life and I am so happy I started this blog. I believe there is power in storytelling and that shared experiences are what connect us the most.

If you have ever thought about blogging, and have been afraid to do it, DON’T listen to that voice that says you can’t do it. Or the voice that says ‘there is no point.’ Even if no one reads this, I am better for it and you will be too. Getting clear on yourself and how you can help serve the world is where it’s at. Trust me. I let too many years pass without giving this an honest chance, and I have only deprived myself of what has become a wonderful tool in my personal growth arsenal. Bottom line: DO IT.

windy days + car window reflections
this is what happens when you tell me to sit in the car and wait…..

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