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At the core of everything I do is the desire to connect through our shared stories. Rather it is a recipe from my family to yours, a blog post about personal growth or an expressive visual narrative, stories are the soul of my work and how I connect with YOU. I'm so glad you're here. 

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Healthy Homemade GF Granola Recipe

If you’re obsessed with granola like I am, you’re going to love this healthy granola recipe. Granola is a lovely snack and makes a great gluten free bowl of cereal too. It’s a clean recipe packed with nutrients. The oats lend fiber to your diet, the honey packs in the antioxidants, coconut oil provides healthy fats, and it offers protein and important micronutrients like iron, vitamin D, folate, and zinc. Snacking never felt so guiltless!



kitchen witch

The kitchen has always been a magical place to me and I consider myself a kitchen witch. When I was little my mother used to have us be her A.C. (Assistant Cook) and we were always elated to be chosen. I still play with my food and keep that kitchen magic alive. Check out the recipes I'm currently brewing up in the kitchen.  

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As a Highly Sensitive Person living in an overwhelming world, I've set on a path of self discovery. I believe the most important work we do in this life, is the work we do on ourselves.  Heal yourself, heal the world. Join me in embracing a life of growth, creativity and intention. Come play. 

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If you're a moody reader like me, you're going to love my reviews. I'm all about the feel of a book. I'm throwing out the star ratings and judging books by one criteria: does the story earn a permanent spot on my bookshelf or are they destined for another? Find out which ones made the cut and find your next read here.

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telling your visual story

Ready to level up? The future is visual and you need photos that are as unique as you are. I'm here to help you define or express your unique style by providing you with bold images that speak to who YOU are. If you're ready to ditch the overused stock photos on the internet for your social media profile or want to showcase your brand in a personalized way, I'm the girl for you. I also do commission work for custom in home wall art so no matter where you are, your visual vibe reflects you.



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